Glowers Club

Enemies of der glower

The glower has many enemies, the most prominent being that of der jannie however there are others that hold a similar level of hatred towards glowers. is a matrix homeserver run by the same people you'd find complaining about white people on mastodon despite being white themselves, extreme cowards they're too scared to admit why they killed the 8chan room and will ignore any questions on the matter (it's because they don't like ebil nahtzees). They fear talking to someone in real time and will instead ask you to email their jewbuse account, they will then proceed to take a few hours to mentally prepare for the exchange and bail out last minute. They also use said account to hide who does bannings, it takes the fall because even telling someone online fek off is too confrontational (this is what estrogen does to you kiddies). The jannies are frequently called to arms due to the glowers occasionally finding themselves with free time and in one of their official rooms.

A homeserver run by crinjodine. “Iodine is a cunt” ~ quintuplicate. Hey now that's a quote!