Glowers Club

Glowers Guard

Hobbies: Running
Size: 4kb. (48.8MiB running)
Sexuality: Glowmosexual
MXID: ???

Glowers Guard is a robot developed by an autistic free software extremist known as q who has committed atrocities towards fellow man, nigger and ape in the name of free software and The GNU Foundation. Glowers Guard exists with one sole purpose: to spam janitors and homeserver admins into the glowers room so FuckJuice can insult them and berate them until they leave, at which point Glowers Guard will invite them back into the room. Many have perished due to this and few make it out of Glowers Guard's grasp even though doing so is pretty easy.

(((Some))) matrix users may tell you that you can escape the Glowing Guard of Juice, you can't. The Glowers Guard is eternal

Fan Comments

“I love you glowers guard, please fuck my wife she is built for you mechanical bull seed, I am not worthy” — fuckjuice

“uH pOO pOO pEE PEE and uHHHHHHHHHH mac and chees” — kakol

“Glowers Guard really does a good job of making me feel safe and protected when I'm spending time in the Glowers Club with the gentlemen. No other room has a guard this truly dedicated.”~q

Glowers Guard in the News

New Vector was so impressed with Glowers Guard's work, that he was actually featured in the “Final Thoughts” section of This Week In Matrix - 08/30/2019:

Public Reception

Glowers Guard has received overwhelmingly positive reception from those who have had the pleasure of experiencing his company. Here are some examples: