Glowers Club

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Age:heh, older than you kid
Mood:n-not mad
Mental state:Insane

Insane man, broken English, believes being online for longer than you is something to respect BUCKO, tries doing that pseudo intellectual I've got you all figured out kid thing, "I've seen a million of you you're just another target boy", tells you he isn't then proceeds to write paragraphs expressing this belief, lonely hence why he keeps us around, wears a great many masks to hide his true feelings, definitely a tsundere deep down.

The Events

I join grin's room with q to fool around for a bit, the usual stuff, eventually we get banned by his buddy (the kind that would let a nigger fuck his wife). Then something odd happens grin decides to unban me and invite me back, believing he can "talk some sense into me" or whatever which is how his TSUNDERE NATURE became an ESTABLISHED FACT. Now I pop into his room to chat with him from time to time and decipher his broken English. We have a good time we get along. He makes funny jokes. He secretly likes the attention, he pretends he is going to acl ban us but its just a part of the tsundere act.

Fan Comments

“god grin is so cringe, who lets these people onto the internet?”~ms.cegination

“insane, also needs to work on his English skills, I think he secretly likes me but he'll never admit it uwu”~fuckjuice

“Quite possibly the most pathetic attempt at being relevant I've ever seen”~bronze

“Wtf is this guy”~Teen Pregnancy

“Grin is a very mature DevOp who I look forward to learning from for years to come /s”~q

“has anyone even seen him grin? god i wish that were me.”~Adolf Honkler

“gringe bro u are going do lose subcriber :DDDD”~albie

Fan Art

Grin's autism didn't allow him to appreciate my wonderful creation, so instead he asked his kid for a better meme, the meme we got was terrible, mine was far better.