Glowers Club

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Hobbies: Sperging like a retard, being raped by handrub
Known alts: 640 (as of writing)
Sexuality: nonce
Religion: Jewish
Ask Ubuntu: Carl Krusel (
DeviantArt: Carl-Krusel (
Quora: Carl Krusel (
Twitch: dabee1212 (
YouTube: Carl Krusel (

m2322ty AKA Carl Kuckson is a level K sperg (the K stands for Kuck). Carl spends most of his time harassing saint frenjuice (formerly fuckjuice) despite being told to fuck off numerous times. Carl has been banned from over 109 matrix rooms, yet still somehow believes this is the fault of the glowers new world order.

Carl also highly disproves of the moderation bot handrub and believes it is a “trash bot”. Take this information as you will

Why carl hates midov

In the dark ages, before handrub, carl was in #tech and frequently sperged about stupid shit. Carl being the massive retard he is, asked tech for help on how to “encrypt” his hard-drive.

(yes he really is this retarded)


The reason carl ends up being banned from rooms is because he decides to go off on autistic rambles, typing out each word as a message to spam chat and force everyone to give him attention.

Carl is also extremely desperate for female attention, you should abuse this by larping as a girl and sending him a dick pic

The word of garl fanart

trans rihgts!!!!!111!!!!!!!!111!!!1!1111111!1!111


The final solution to the Carl question

The one thing that prevents Carl from being a massive attention whore is being unable to actually join rooms to attention whore in. The final solution to Carl is handrub. Handrub can effortlessly holocaust Carl and his six sextillion accounts in mere seconds. You will also be notified of whenever Carl is btfo beyond repair, to which you can thank Handrub in chat for being your greatest ally