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Epic: How NOT to Join Matrix

Nationality:Amercan-Israeli dual citizen
Sexuality:Gay for MIGA cock
Occupation:Boomer Admin and Qanon Sperg

(This article was originally written by and from the perspective of q, but has since been touched up by other editors)

Epic started his own Matrix server in December of 2020 with the hopes of migrating the increasingly-censored MAGA communities to a safer platform. Unfortunately, his love for former-President Donald Trump and Israel has stricken him with a case of severe Snowflake Syndrome, making him extremely irritable and unable to handle the stress of homeserver management.

A good start for Glowers relations

When first opened its doors, this was great news for Matrix. Rooms were getting more activity, users had a new public homeserver to snag an account, and of course having more right wingers on Matrix is better than having more troons. Kakol, being a gentleman (as Glowers Club members always are), reached out to their staff and immediately began working with them to improve their understanding of the new platform. One example of this was assisting them with opening their server's federation port. This allowed their users to come into established rooms, and allowed the rest of Matrix to access their room and be able to talk to all of their users in a single space.

"Donald's Army" shows their noses

“Host my own Element?! OY VEY!”

On the morning of December 23rd 2020, I, q, entered their #general room and started lurking. I noticed that Epic had posted an overly-long tutorial image on how to sign up for his server. Rather than hosting his own Element and pointing people to that, he was suggesting that people go to a different server's Element instance, change the custom homeserver to his URL, then use that instead. Keep in mind that his server is full of MIGA boomers who probably still write checks to pay for groceries. Would your dad be able to understand this? Probably not. I decided to reply to the post, explaining this and how self-hosting Element would be easier for newcomers and at little cost. Epic, thinking of the extra shekels it would cost to host an extra tiny web app, began having a kerfuffle and started demanding I pay for his hardware. I refused his demands, stating that I host my own hardware, to make the point that I was qualified to suggest hosting Element. Epic's crooked wart-covered nose grew even bigger, as he ignored everything I said and acted like I didn't know what I was talking about. His Israeli cohorts noticed he was losing the argument, so to cover the fact that their server is run by a kike retard, they began spouting nonsense "advice," and ultimately thanked me for my help by telling me to fuck myself.

Mandatory Doxxing

One of the many arbitrary requirements of being a member of the server is that you must provide the state where you live in your Matrix display name. Why? Because this guy that “just joined Matrix a few days ago” told you to of course! Oh, you don't want to? Well, get ready to be talked down to like a child, and threatened with deactivation should you refuse. Given the more aggressive nature of politics lately; with doxxing, cancelling, and antifa mobs storming households; many right wingers are understandably cautious online, and skeptical of strangers trying to pry personal information out of them. “”“Donald's Army”“” jannies seem to not understand that people can and will just go to other Matrix homeservers that require no personal details, have less strict rules, is still free of charge to use, and isn't run by some sketchy weirdo trying to ask for their location.


Epic is the perfect example of how NOT to start a Matrix homeserver. While it's likely the server will still do very well during Trump's last days in the White House, Epic has single-handedly placed “”“Donalds Army”“” on the Enemies of Der Glower list for glowing brighter than the heat of a thousand suns, being far too Jewish, and deciding to burn the bridge with Glowers Club within only a couple days of being up. Just like their kike-loving former President, I see them starting off well-loved, but then being dropped once their Nationalist users see they've been fooled.

Update: 2021 Jun 12

DonaldsArmy has seemingly shut down their homeserver.