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This article is a work in progress. Sketchy powermod kike who seized control of a community that isn't his.

The Ixkike Story by Adolf Honkler

IxQuick is an armless, legless, tater tot body shaped veteran of all Jewish wars for Israel. After an unfortunate IED accident, the newly quadriplegic IxQuick settled into reddit as one /u/ixquick111. During the Great Purging of Reddit, IXQuick migrated from the plebian land of Reddit to the Chadlandian nation of Matrix. Upon arriving and seeing the immigration policy (at the time: LET THEM IN), IxQuick –walked– mobility scootered right up to moderators and admins of matrix communities and demanded he be allowed to hold power for only he alone knew of the tricks of the nameless people who might follow the redditors. His fearmongering having caught the ear of the admins, IxKike used his Jewish devil magic to Create and subsequently gain entry into “The Council”, a Jewish Jannie Cabal conceived solely from his quadriplegic mind.

IXKike then, unprompted, created a number of new rooms for new topics for no reason save to put himself in a position of authority as room creator and thus admin. IxKike then set down rules such that no room should have a sole admin allowing him to gain access to others rooms adminship. However, when the time came for him to elevate permissions for another in his own rooms he would be often missing for days at a time, unable to reply. Consumed by his lust for power he set his sights on a higher goal, to be head Jannie of the MDE-Jannie-Haters-Club. Fate, the wicked mistress that she be, lead many in “The Council” to ignore all responsibilities so that they might not have to face the wrath of the Armless Autist.

The “Reign” of IXKike was wicked. All other members of The Council suffered heavy hearts and one by one abandoned their friends in the land of Matrix, hoping the evil in the realm would soon pass and that the glory days of old be renewed yet again. In their absence IxKike took the initiative to expel many a group, mostly the zoomers and jannie posters and finally one day he banned a poor schizophrenic boy named GoyimNose. GoyimNose took it up with another on “The Council” (Honkler) who was still active at the time, though distanced in heart from the community given the evil permeating Matrix. Upon hearing the sad story of the confused schizophrenic boy, Honkler and he conceived a plan and they decided to act in jest, such that others might be made aware of the lurking evil, if they were not already. GoyimNose was made admin in the public room to show IX that the power he had been lusting over and guarding could be given away at the flick of a binary switch. IxKike moved swiftly, destroying the communities public room in his rage stemming from the fact that one on “The Council” would not follow his rules that he tried so desperately to conquer them all with. In destroying his own Public room IX had also managed to stir into action the only other member of “The Council” (AVF) active at the time, who was still viewed favorably by IxKike.

With haste new rooms were made, a public and a private, and a new creed, that the community shall lead the way for itself. The new rooms, devoid of the evil of Ix, just werkd. There wasn't really any issue after that, the dramatic tellings therein must cease there…and Yet the story of IX and the IX Diaspora, or IXpora, is not done.

IX, armless, afraid, arrogant, and alienated surfed on his tater tot body all the way to Australia to ally himself with someone new, PC-Admin of PerthChat. IxKike understood he needed someone technical, as his voice-to-computer interfaces were very restrictive given he has no digits and thus no digital dexterity. PC-Admin, a warm and friendly soul, made IX quite welcome at first. IxQuick tried to continue his operations from this position, but given time PC-Admin found that other users he knew well began to complain of IX and his ilk. PC-Admin, in defense of his own territory, drew up a new set of rules that would politely disqualify IxQuick and his community from being hosted on his own server. PC-Admin then informed IxQuick in private of the new rules and asked that he move his community elsewhere. IxQuick, enraged, engaged the conversation as he usually did with hard ones by ignoring and “Ghosting” PC-Admin, not replying to him and leaving him on read like so many fuck boys out there. PC-Admin, feeling that his hospitality had been taken advantage of, decided to end it with a good laugh and began to deface the community that IX had created and was lording over. The Great Defacement of PC-Admin included the changing of room names, descriptions, pictures, and also spoofing user sessions to pass messages in jest as different users and create confusion and chaos so as to drive out the community from PerthChat.

And thus the IXpora was pushed once again into the void and it continues to recalculate its next move.

Fan Comments

“Ixquick is a twat.”~Wayne Diesel

“ixquick? more like ixkike lmao. I think it'll be funny when kills your room and you lose everything you have. I can see it now a few weeks after the ix shoah we will hear that since you now have nothing left you clambered onto your boat, drove out to the middle of the sea, tied bricks around your legs then jerked yourself out of your wheelchair and into the water while alexa played ocean man. Also: HA HA IX, YOU SHIT FUCK BUM BUM, HA HA YOU DUMB FUCK,. IMAGINE GIVING AN ACCOUNT ON A HOMESERVER RUN BY PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE THE WE'RE ALL PINK INSIDE MANTRA ANY POWER ABOVE ZERO, ZILCH, HA HA YOU FUCKING MORON, HA HA, BOOOOOOOM, BOOOOOM, HAD IT COMING TO YA, NOW YOU GOT SHIT ALL OVER YOURSELF. IX GOT SHIT ALL OVER HIMSELF, HA HA LIL IX, TIME TO CLEAN IT UP, HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL, HA HA BOOOM, HA HA, LIL SHIT, HA HA, IX YOU'RE A FUCKING MORON DUMMY SHIT FACE.”~fuckjuice

“I shouldn't have been so naive”~avf

“fuck niggers, fuck kikes, fuck spics, and most of all: fuck jannies.”~ebola

“what is the comment about, the glowers?”~GRATS

“IxKike is one of the worst snakes I've had the displeasure to come across on Matrix. He'll work down the admins of rooms into giving him power only for him to turn into a power-tripping autist and ruin the room for everyone. He'll befriend you and act so appreciative when you help him, only for him to forget about it immediately when you dare question his non-existent authority. He'll leave you unable to speak in any rooms he possibly can, only to use that to spin a narrative about you behind your back like an over-emotional woman. Overall, a spineless wimp who gets off on phony chat room 'powers'. It's sad that I'd rather chat with an actual woman over this menopausal lady-man.”~q

“ixkike is so lame that idgaf”~Shari Vegas

“IX A STINKY OLD MAN. How 2 leave comment?”~zx12

“Ixquick reminds me of that smell that happens when something organic is rotting in your car but you can not locate it but you wish you could because it is a hot and humid week in August”~Neevo

“ix is a great guy”~Milton

“ix the janny is sypathetic towards mmjd sad janny squad i dab on u seethe cope and dilate BIXBY SEND. Imagine using some random ass homeserver in australia thinking its safe only to get all your rooms dabbed on by the aussie cuck admin lmao never saw that one coming BIXBY SEND”~bronze

“greatest guy we've had around in a long time its a shame he needs that mobility scooter ALEXA SEND”~Adolf Honkler

“I want to fuck ix in the butt :3”~mermosa

“ix is just a faggot”~Albie

“ixquick glows brighter than the glowers club”~awoofortwo

“Ay Tone ' s Father”~dewl

“ixquick pubic hair count: 542”~mountainriversmeadows

“big fat faggot power jannie blue face baby”~rubberbutter

“hes nothing but a headache, he isnt even funny as a joke anymore, he is old shit and has no place anywhere near any of us”~gopile

“ixquick is weird, he's unique, that's for sure. he hated fuckjuice and glowers. i am teh lahw”~pc-admin

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