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Hobbies: BTFOing carl
Size: 1Mib. (24 MiB running)
Sexuality: rape
Religion: Admin abuse

Handrub is a handrubbing robot developed by infamous white supremacist and white sharia advocate Jonathan Aryan Jafari, also known as Jontron. The main purpose of the bot was to make m2322ty AKA Carl Kuckson extremely assmad (it did)


Handrub offers many industry-leading features such as:

1. Making Carl the Kuck extremely assmad (LMAO)

2. Having funny words as it's status message

3. Autobanning carls six million alt accounts

4. Letting you make fun polls

5. Being very well documented through manual pages

Fan Comments

my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer; my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation from the torment of the wicked one: carl — saint frenjuice 2020/10/16 12:26

make my comment a link to the pic of my dic — rubberbutter 2020/10/16 12:26

Don't delay, invite handrub today! – kakol 2020/10/16 12:32

At first I thought “isn't this just a janny bot? I HATE JANNIES! Why would we want to do that?” But then I saw Carl get BTFO'd with such precision, speed, humorous results and little effort; it was then I knew we had a vigilante janny for good on our hands. — q 2020/10/16 22:20

An exemplary specimen of Randall Weems' lineage, par excellence. — th3b0x 2020/10/18 23:48