Glowers Club

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Proud leader of the glorious glowers club.

Fan Comments

“A lot of people ask me about FuckJuice. I just smile and laugh. I first met FuckJuice at the post office. He was snorting lines of some powder off the urinal in the gender neutral bathroom. If you had asked me at the moment if that person would be my friend, I would have given a resoundingly affirmative NO. But through the days he has grown on me. I no longer ask to see his identification papers since each time he presents different documents which look nothing like him. I once saw him beat a homeless man while wearing a KKK outfit, screaming NIGGER at the man, even though he was Croatian. Probably the best part about him is how reasonable, calm and friendly he is. I go to him for advice since I am a retard and a boomer, though I repeat myself. I once saw him choke a theme park employee for saying he was too short for a ride and demanded they change the height standards for him. They did. I have the utmost respect for FuckJuice and wish him the best in life.”~Neevo

“Ah yes, Fuckjuice; my partner in crime. Many a good time has been had with this gentleman. I'll never forget our raids on the jannies & trannies we did together, the joy we experienced with setting up the server, our love for /mummy/, and of course our time puffing cigars with the gentlemen in Glowers Club. I look forward to all our future endeavors my friend!”~q

“He's a dreamy ANGLOID PRINCE”~zx12

“is like my other anglo friend juice when he was still cool”~awoofortwo


“i hate fuckjuice”~Milton

“I miss tomatojuice”~butterbutt

“not inherently stupid but not very smart either”~grin

“I can't believe all those people have so much vacuous lives that spending time in this chat is worthwhile. The depth of moronitude is fascinating. Here is a bunch of people in a room that could all die at once and the world wouldn't feel it. No one would cry. The total level of intelligence would rise suddenly.

I think some of you have already considered suicide. My take: go for it! The easiest way is to put a bag over your head, tape it at the neck, and take sleeping pills.

I promise you, no one will regret you! You're useless. You're worthless. You're a pile of fuming shit that never did anything, never invented anything, no one ever said thanks to.

While alive, there's nothing you can do to make your life, or anyone's life better. But dead! Dead you'll bring joy to all the ones around you who have to bear your presence.

You won't have to look in the mirror every day and contemplate how much of a shit stain failure you are.

GO FOR IT. This is the sign you were waiting for. DO IT”~Xananax



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